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20 March 2011 @ 12:27 am
Kate Hudson & Amanda Seyfried  
The Basics
• Name: Maia
• Are you over thirteen? 19
• How would you describe yourself? (includes strengths and flaws):
Big Five Word Test Results
Extroversion (36%) moderately low which suggests you are reclusive, quiet, unassertive, and private.
Accommodation (78%) high which suggests you are overly kind natured, trusting, and helpful at the expense too often of your own individual development (martyr complex).
Orderliness (60%) moderately high which suggests you are, at times, overly organized, neat, structured and restrained at the expense too often of flexibility, variety, spontaneity, and fun.
Emotional Stability (52%) medium which suggests you are moderately relaxed, calm, secure, and optimistic.
Inquisitiveness (30%) low which suggests you are overly small minded, traditional, and conventional at the expense too often of intellectual curiousity, possibility, and progress.
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Your personality type: "Harmony-seeking Idealist"
Quietly forceful, original and sensitive. Tend to stick to things until they are done. Extremely intuitive about people and concerned for their feelings. Well-developed value systems which they strictly adhere to. Well-respected for their perserverence in doing the right thing. Likely to be individualistic, rather than leading or following.


You are very perceptive and smart. You are clear and to the point and have a great sense of humor. You are always learning and searching for understanding.

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Sensitive Doers are gentle, modest and reserved persons. They cope well with everyday life and like their privacy. With their quiet, optimistic nature, they are also good, sought-after listeners and other people feel well in their company. All in all, this type is the most likeable and friendliest of all personality types. Tolerance and heir regard for others distinguish their personality. They are very caring, generous and always willing to help. They are open to and interested in everything that is new or unknown to them. However, if their inner value system or their sense of justice is hurt, Sensitive Doers can suddenly and surprisingly become forceful and assertive.
Your rainbow is intensely shaded brown, blue, and yellow.


What is says about you: You are a tranquil person. You appreciate the roughness of nature. You feel closer to people when you understand their imperfections. You're good at getting people to like you.

Find the colors of your rainbow at spacefem.com.

• What are you passionate about? theatre. children. Jacob.
• Pet Peeves? people in general.
• What are you not so good at? athletics. being graceful. math. science.
• Do you have any talents? singing. acting. baking. writing.
• How do you view love? Jacob.
• Are you more trusting or more cynical of others? Depends on the person.
• How do you view friendship? My friends are my life.

This or That
Determined or laid back: Both. Depends on the situation.
Impulsive or Cautious: Cautious.
Optimistic or Pessimistic: Realist. I'm a bit of both.
Mature or not so mature: Mature.
Confident or Insecure: Insecure.
Brave or Coward? Coward.
Night or Day? Day because I'm not in pain, but I get more done at night.
Home or Adventure? Home.
What is your style in fashion? Vintage. I like colorful and cute stuff.
Are you more girly or a tomboy? Girly, but I can get down and dirty.
Introverted or Extroverted: Introverted.
Lover or Fighter: Lover.
What are your dreams for the future? be a mommy.
What do you look for in a mate? Jacob.
If you could change one thing about you, what would it be? Being a push-over. I bottle up anger.
A quote/lyric/song/saying that's important to you? Don't have one at the moment.

• Favorite movie she was in?
Kate: I can't choose. Lol.
Amanda: Mean Girls.
• Least favorite movie this actress was in?
Kate: I don't have one.
Amanda: Momma Mia.
• Favorite character?
Kate: I love them all.
Amanda: Karen (so far).
• Least favorite character?
Kate: none.
Amanda: Sophie (Momma Mia).
• Favorite outfit actress has worn in a film or on red carpet (photos/links to pics are definitely acceptable)?

• Do you admire this actress or are you not fond of her?
Kate: I adore her. I don't think there's a single movie I watch and hate of hers. She is an amazing actress and I love watching her films!
Amanda: I'm holding out for Amanda. I think she could be an awesome actress, but I believe that with the right movie, script, and director she could be amazing. I haven't seen Little Red Ridinghood yet and I hear it's fantastic so I'm psyched to see it! :)
• What's your favorite couple she's been a part of (can be canon or fanon)? Why?
Kate: I love all the couples she and Matt have. All of them.

• Anything else you feel needs to be said? Nope.
• Post your picture(s)if you want to here

xdreaminghumble: red riding hood » valerie.xdreaminghumble on April 4th, 2011 07:21 am (UTC)
AS: Valerie with lots of Sophie(LTJ).
KH: Andie, I think. This was tougher.