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03 March 2011 @ 06:21 pm
jennifer aniston and amanda seyfried themes  
The Basics
• Name: Kim
• Are you over thirteen? Yup!
• How would you describe yourself? (includes strengths and flaws): There's a poster at my parents' house that reads, "Sunny Disposition. Deeply Rooted. Beautiful Bloomer. Light Seeker." That captures a lot of who I am: my attitude, how I feel about my family and my faith, the journey of my life so far. To that, I can add that I'm quiet, honest, and subtly emotional. I'm critical---of others, but especially myself. I'm introverted, shy but not reserved, vulnerable, and romantic. I'm impatient in a lot of ways, more afraid than I want to be, and more creative than I think I am. I'm philosophical, intellectual, ethical. My sense of humor tends toward the silly or the wry. And I am fiercely loyal.
• What are you passionate about? my beliefs and my family; justice, freedom, personal responsibility, privacy; books and fictional characters and a handful of fandoms.
• Pet Peeves? drivers who won't get out of the left lane, no matter how slow they're driving; using "drug" instead of "dragged;" busy work.
• What are you not so good at? singing, most team sports, small talk, change (especially in people), chemistry, debates
• Do you have any talents? I write, which I'm very good at, and dabble in embroidery, drawing, baking, and graphic and web design...all of which I'm rather, er, *less* good at. :) I'm also good with kids, possessed of an excellent memory, and extremely articulate.
• How do you view love? I feel love is essential. Varied in richness and depth. Real. It's complex, impossible to completely understand. At its best, we are at *our* best, and even at its worst, it cannot be entirely corrupted. I've never been in love, and maybe I never will be, but I've been loved and do love, and I find those loves give me strength.
• Are you more trusting or more cynical of others? Trusting: I don't assume people are telling me the truth, necessarily, but I'm willing to believe people are worthy of my faith in them.
• How do you view friendship? I think friendship is precious, but fragile. Family relationships, including husbands and wives, are more likely to see the worst of you and accept it. Friendship can do that, but it's so much easier in a friendship to simply let one another drift away. And while I've had a handful of enduring friendships, I've had many more that have dissolved. I don't regret those friendships, but I enjoy the enduring power and potency of familial love more.

This or That
Determined or laid back: I'm a typical INFP in this regard: laid back and flexible until one of my values is threatened. Then, a steely core of stubbornness and/or determination comes into play.
Impulsive or Cautious: Cautious, but I'm much more impulsive now than I used to be.
Optimistic or Pessimistic: optimistic
Mature or not so mature: mature
Confident or Insecure: Confident, although it's been a long journey to become that way, and I still tend to think of myself as that insecure adolescent struggling to believe in herself.
Brave or Coward? Brave, but I don't usually feel that I'm so.
Night or Day? I'm a night owl, but I love sunlight---especially during the afternoon hours---so I'm probably more of a Day person.
Home or Adventure? Home, but I do love a taste of adventure now and then.
What is your style in fashion? I’m a jeans and t-shirt/sweater sort of gal. I love vibrant colors, soft fabrics, fun prints, and romantic touches of lace, subtle ruffles or pleating, and gently puffed sleeves, but most of my fashion is understated, tailored, and classic.
Are you more girly or a tomboy? Tomboy, especially when I was younger; I'm a lot more girly now.
Introverted or Extroverted: introverted
Lover or Fighter: Both: in fact, I think my love of friends and family makes me fight more fiercely on their behalf.
What are your dreams for the future? Becoming a published fantasy novelist; marrying a man I love and having kids; being joyful in my life and proud of the person I become.
What do you look for in a mate? Loyalty, strength, strong-mindedness, intelligence. Someone who shares my values and beliefs. Wittiness is a plus, but a sense of humor is a must. Someone ethical, considerate, assertive, outgoing, innovative, and adventurous---he challenges me to experience life in ways I might be afraid to do so.
If you could change one thing about you, what would it be? I'd love to be more socially adept. I've taught myself how to navigate most social situations, but I still dread many of them.
A quote/lyric/song/saying that's important to you?
"One should always be a little improbable." ~ Oscar Wilde

"What's so amazing that keeps us star gazing
and what do we think we might see?
Someday we'll find it, the rainbow connection.
The lovers, the dreamers and me."

~ "The Rainbow Connection"

• Favorite movie she was in?
Jennifer - Picture Perfect or Bruce Almighty
Amanda - Mean Girls
• Least favorite movie this actress was in?
...of those I've seen:
Jennifer - The Object of My Affection
Amanda - Mamma Mia!
• Favorite character?
Jennifer - Beth Murphy, perhaps
Amanda - no preference
• Least favorite character?
Jennifer - Nina Borowski
Amanda - no preference
• Favorite outfit actress has worn in a film or on red carpet (photos/links to pics are definitely acceptable)?

• Do you admire this actress or are you not fond of her?
I like Jennifer Aniston, although I haven't enjoyed her movies lately, and I'm mostly indifferent to Amanda Seyfried. She's pretty, but I haven't seen her in anything with which I've really connected.
• What's your favorite couple she's been a part of (can be canon or fanon)? Why?
Jennifer - Beth/Neil: their relationship isn't without misunderstandings, but they really want to be together and each is willing to compromise
Amanda - I haven't seen enough of her movies to discover a couple I'm truly fond of

• Anything else you feel needs to be said? Thanks for voting!
• Post your picture(s)if you want to here
can I touch my fingers to my elbow? yes, I can!
from this past Halloween
another (relatively) recent me
yes, that's a Christmas ornament on my head
much younger me
graduating me
me in black & white
Kellytunnels_of_loce on March 7th, 2011 04:49 am (UTC)
Jennifer: I'm seeing a lot of Eloise for you.
Amanda: I'd say Savannah!